Rashi Commentary-Perek 6 Pasuk 4


Dear Rabbi

Rashi Commentary – Perek 6 Pasuk 4

“and also afterward: Although they had seen the destruction of the generation of Enosh when the ocean rose up and inundated a third of the world, the generation of the Flood did not humble themselves to learn from them.”

Question – My Torah Chavrusa partner and I are a bit mystified by the Rashi’s statement above. “Inundated a third of the world”, in order for this to be viable there would have been two floods. The evil generation was not humbled by the first wave (third of the world etc.). so, there would have to of been a second wave that destroyed all humanity save Noach’s ark. Can you shed some light on this? Thank you.



  1. Rashi is citing the Midrash Rabbah that the generation of Enosh was so immersed in idol worship that Hashem sent them a warning. The oceans overflowed and a third of the world was inundated with water. In effect Hashem was previewing for them what would happen if they did not atone for their sins. Not only did they not atone but their sins became worse and worse until, seven generations later, Hashem sent the flood that would destroy the entire world.

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