Psalms 58:4-Estranged from Womb


Psalm 58:3

The “wicked” are “estranged” {zuwr Tsaddi ~Vav~Resh verb profane, gone away, commit adultery} from the WOMB { rechem Resh~Chet~Mem}

They {wicked} go ASTRAY [ taah Tav~Ayin~Hei verb err, wander of mind ,sin (ethically, religiously) intoxication, seduce, be out of the way] as soon as they are BORN speaking LIES.

Intriguing , the word “error” taah verb spelled Tav~ Ayin~Hei when the letters are transposed reveal the word attah spelled Ayin~Tav~Hei meaning “now”.

This seems to infer “sin” occurs, happens straightaway.

Is the cerastes horned snake Yetzer Hara “evil inclination” intrinsically embodied within every human SOUL ? Is this lethal legacy of lethargy inherited from Adam & Eve? Is all “mankind” estranged from Hashem at birth?

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  1. On the 11th of March of this year an answer was sent out to you for the same question. I am including a copy of it in case you never received the original.

    Rashi, the foremost commentary on the Torah explains that even when they are still in the womb, the wicked are estranged from God. As a proof that such a concept exists, Rashi cites the teachings of our Sages that when Esav was in his mother’s womb, he was drawn towards idolatry each time his mother walked past an idol-worshiping temple. Subsequently, the Malbim, a classic commentary on the Torah, writes that certain people are so wicked that their wickedness is rooted already in their embryonic state.

    This does not mean that they have no free will to change the base elements of their being. Rather, it means that they need to work harder to overcome their innate connection to evilness.

    Please excuse me for pointing out that the verse that you are asking about is verse four, not verse three.

    Best wishes from the Team