Promises of the Land


Hi Rabbi,

What’s the basis for our claim as Jews that Israel is the land promised by God to the Jewish People?




  1. Four Divine promises were given to Avraham regarding the Land of Israel, all in the Book of Genesis:
    1. “I will give the land to your posterity.” – 12:7
    2. “Lift your eyes and look from where you are to the north, south, east and west, for all the land that you see I will give to you and your posterity forever.” – 13:15
    3. “To your posterity I have given this land from the Nahar Mitzrayim until the great river, the Euphrates.” -15:18
    4. “I have given you and your posterity the land in which you dwelled, all of the land of Canaan, for an eternal inheritance.” -17:8

    In his commentary on the Torah, Rabbi Moshe ben Nachman (Ramban) points out the escalation of these promises that correspond to Avraham’s own growth in his relationship with God.

    The initial promise was for the portion of the land where Avraham had traveled prior to God appearing to him. The second promise is of much greater territory, which will belong to his posterity forever. Third comes the historic covenant in which the “Greater Land of Israel” is promised, together with a guarantee that even the sins of his posterity will not be reason to forfeit their claim to it. Finally, the covenant of circumcision brings with it a promise of return to the land even if their abuse of it has caused them to be exiled.

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