Negotiating with G-d


Can one negotiate with G-d?



  1. Not really. There is one thing that it is possible to “negotiate” with God over and that is giving charity. Our Sages teach that it is permissible to make a pledge to give charity in order to ask God to give you more. But even though it seems that we can “negotiate” with God about other things as well that is only from our perspective. For example. A person can tell God that they will be careful with a particular Mitzvah and due to that God should give them something that they want. But God will only give it to the person if God deems them worthy of it. Otherwise they will not receive it. There is an exquisitely painful story that is told about the Ponovizher Rav that when a person came to complain that God does not listen to his Teffilos, the Ponovizher Rav answered, “He does, He said no!”

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