Native American Nations


Hi Rabbi
First off, Thank you so much for this site. It’s so helpful to have such a resource for Jews with questions

I recently learnt about the Native Americans and their culture. It was a gruesome, horrifying account of human sacrifice, warring nations, and lots of brutal, religious practices. I remember learning that G-d made everything for the Jewish people and so I can’t help but wonder: Why did G-d make this nation of millions of people? What was their purpose? Did G-d pay them any mind while they were living so separated from the rest of the world? In addition, the only way for a non-Jew to earn olam haba is by keeping the 7 Noachide laws. These Native Americans had no opportunity to learn about these things and so naturally they served idols, murdered, and lived cruelly. Again, what was the point in having so many millions of souls come into this world and live such lives?

Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer



  1. While I understand why you are asking the question, nevertheless, I feel that your question could be asked about any one of the myriad idol-worshiping nations that have inhabited the world throughout history. As a rule, idol-worshiping cultures were/are, as you write, barbaric and brutal, without any real emphasis on building a peaceful and good world for their children and grandchildren to inherit. They had/have no exposure to the obligations of the Seven Noachide Laws, and they lived out their (normally truncated) lives under the constant specter of being overrun by neighboring, and equally aggressive, tribes.

    Why were they created? For what purpose were they brought into the world? I do not know. That is really a question that only God can answer. But, perhaps, they inhabit our world so that we can see what our lives would look like if we were not anchored to God and God’s Torah.

    Best wishes from the Team