Mikveh Questions for Utensils


1)I’m trying to learn if there is any way to not require immersing a steel-lined thermos in a kayleem mikvah (for vessels) if the food is wrapped in plastic or a small plastic closed cup which is then put inside? If not, is there any other way to avoid immersing that you are aware of?

2) There are insulated shopping bags, such as those used to keep pizza warm when delivering or when bringing hot food home. I’m trying to learn if these might be used without immersion.

Thanks for your help!

4 months


  1. 1) The simplest thing to do is to immerse it and to dry it off carefully with a hair dryer. If you are very unhappy about immersing it, you can “gift” the thermos to a non-Jew with the understanding that they will then let you use it. Halachically, that means that the thermos is not considered to be owned by a Jew at all and it therefore does not require immersion in a Mikveh.

    2) Insulated shopping bags do not require immersion.

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