Messages Through Secular Music


Does God speak to us through secular music? You see, seven years ago, I was up to no good. I dropped out of college and was scamming people for a living. I was yet to get caught and thought I had found a perfect scheme I could get away with. I was driving to my next scam when a song called “Been Caught Stealing” by the 1990s band Jane’s Addiction came on the radio. I never heard that song before. My car has a display that says the title and artist of each song that plays and I could clearly see that. The song came out before I was born, but and the message on the display suddenly felt like a warning. I didn’t do the scam that day, and I decided immediately to straighten myself out. It’s been seven years since and I have heard the song many other times and I now earn an honest living as a real estate agent.



  1. What an inspirational story! The fact that you were prepared to listen to the “message” that was being broadcasted to you is a sign of just how much you were cognizant of your inner self – even when you were busy doing things forbidden.

    Does God speak through secular music? God speaks to us through every single detail in this world that we live in. Judaism does not believe in random chance. Rather, Judaism believes that God orchestrates every single thing – including songs that are able to return a person back to living an honest and spiritually fulfilling life.

    Best wishes from the Team