Losing Share of Olam Haba


I just read that one who disgraces Chol Hamoed loses their share in Olam Haba. I have also read the same about many other acts. Suppose one is well compliant with every law of the Torah, except for one, and the one law he fails to observe is one that it is taught one loses their share in Olam Haba. Does he still lose his share in Olam Haba, even if he observed every other mitzvah perfectly?



  1. While I appreciate the reason for the question, I am not sure that anyone except for Hashem can actually answer it. Everything revolves around the person’s intent for doing (or not doing) what they did. If they did it deliberately, in order to anger their Creator, it is conceivable that they might lose their portion in the World to Come. If, however, they did not do what they did in order to anger their Creator, their judgment will be very different.

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