Jewish Veteran’s Day


Hi, it there a special day in Judaism that is like Veterans Day, to remember the military veterans, or Memorial Day, to remember those who fell in action? Thanks.



  1. Yours is not an easy question to answer! Inside of Judaism the religion there is no real commemoration for the heroes who have given up their lives in defense of the Jewish Nation and the Jewish State. However, the State of Israel established a national day of remembrance for all those who have fallen defending the State of Israel. Remembrance Day is on the fourth day of the Hebrew month of Iyar and it is the day before Israel’s Independence Day. The reason that it was done like that was because the founding fathers of the State of Israel felt that the existence of Israel is rooted in the sacrifice that so many made (and are still making) to keep it safe and, therefore, it was very apt that the two days be commemorated together.


    Best wishes from the Team