Indivisible God vs Divine Spark


My understanding of Judaism is that God is one and indivisible. If this is the case, how can a soul be a “divine spark” of God, or part of God in any way, isnt this a division?



  1. God is completely spiritual – there is no physicality whatsoever that is applicable to God. When we are taught that each person has a part of God within them, it does not mean literally a physical “piece” of God. Rather, it means that God is the source of all life. That without God there can be no life. In human terms, that means that it is as if there is a part of God inside of us that gives us life.

    However, because we believe that the source of our physical life is the non-physical spiritual source called the soul, there is no inherent contradiction between declaring that God is One – Complete and Whole in a way that is impossible to replicate – and our knowing that a “part” of God’s Being rests within us.

    Best wishes from the Team