Immersion in the Mikvah



My wife and I will be traveling for 2 months with no access to a women’s mikvah. Its cold outside so natural water bodies would not be safe.

What are the rules or recommendations for this situation?

Is there any room for leniency to use a pool or large hot tub? Any other suggestions?



  1. There is no alternative other than to use natural bodies of water. If it makes any difference, it might be permissible for your wife to immerse in a lake or a river in the afternoon of the eighth day when it might be a little warmer.

    Please allow me to make an unsolicited comment. I am not sure why you have come to the conclusion that natural bodies of water will not be safe. Although it will be cold, if your wife is careful to have very warm towels and clothing with her to change into immediately after immersing, it could be fine.

    Best wishes from the Team