Honor of Parents and Disagreements in Jewish Law


Halacha dictates you’re not obligated to follow your parents if they ask to violate Halacha, but what if your parents ask you to violate an interpretation of Halacha where you’re stricter (say Glatt vs non glatt)? Does it depend on if it’s Safek Deorayta or Derabbanan



  1. First, please let me make a small correction. It is not that a person is “not obligated” to follow their parents demands when they are contrary to the Halacha. Rather, it is forbidden for him to do what his parents are asking.

    In all events, as you write, it is very much dependent about what the parents are asking their child to do. As in all of these extremely sensitive situations, the child should consult with their Rav to see what they can do and what they cannot.

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