Good and Bad in the Hands of God


I believe God is the all possibilities in the universe. If God is all powerful, then He is it and it is Him.

Also, this explains God’s plan thing, because He needs everything – good or bad – just to exist.

I want to know what a rabbi thinks of this thought.



  1. Your thoughts basically align with the tenets of Judaism. The concept of the Satan being an independent power and in conflict with God is a Christian one and totally alien to Judaism. It is clear that the Satan is an integral part of God’s creation and fulfills God’s bidding. The Talmud states, Tractate Bava Batra 16a, that the Angel of Death is the Satan. In the Book of Job it is clear that the Angel of Death/Satan is regarded as an emissary of God.

    (The only point I would take issue with, if I read your question correctly amd as you meant it, is your use of the word “need” – since God does not need anything for His existence.)

    Best wishes from the Team