God – Hidden in the Heart


Do you see (av) father, spelled Aleph~Bet; and also (chob) bosom, heart, spelled Chet~Bet in the word Chet~Bet~Aleph?

Chaba as a verb means to conceal the self. Is not av, “the Father,” hidden in the chob, the bosom of the heart?

The words seem visible. The thoughts connect. Like a game of scrabble, I find, Hebrew letters play upon words. Rabbi ,wouldn’t you agree that Torah has many layers that have yet to be peeled away?

With great respect.



  1. Your idea sounds very credible. Th heart is the center of our emotions, which are deeply embedded within us. However, once they come out, they are visible for all to see. So, too, is our relationship with God – it is embedded within us, but once we allow ourselves to live it, it is clear for all to see.

    Biblical Hebrew is, perhaps, the most intriguing and expressive language in existence. The combination of the holy letters reveal layer upon layers of extra understanding.

    Best wishes from the AskTheRabbi.org Team