Gated Community & Eruv


The area I just moved to has no eruv. I moved into a gated community in the area. The entire development is surrounded by an uninterrupted fence. It has one entrance for cars and two for pedestrians. The car entrance/exit has a set of gates that slide open whenever an authorized car approaches and closes once the car passes through, forming a complete seal. The pedestrian entrances are metal gate-style doors that open with a key provided to each tenant. Can this be considered an eruv that would permit carrying within the development?



  1. In theory a gated community could very possibly considered to be a Kosher Eruv. However, as the laws of building an Eruv are extremely involved it would require an expert in the Halachos of Eruvin to take a close look at it to see if it fits all the criteria. Even if it does not it might be relatively simple to take care of the problems to turn the whole of the fencing and the gates into an Eruv.

    Best wishes from the Team