From Goshen (Egypt) to Mount Sinai


How long did it take for the Israelites to travel from Goshen (Egypt) to Mount Sinai?

I just read an article in my local Jewish newspaper.
The writer states that the Israelites left Egypt and arrived at Mount Sinai 50 days later.
Please explain where in the Torah dates are specified to corroborate his statement.



  1. The Jewish Nation left Egypt on the fifteenth of Nissan and they arrived at Har Sinai on Rosh Chodesh Sivan, forty-five days later. The Jewish People encamped at Har Sinai, awaiting the giving of the Ten Commandments, which was originally scheduled to be given five days later on the sixth of Sivan. Ultimately, Moshe added another day to allow the Jewish People an extra day of preparation, and the Ten Commandments were given on the next day – the seventh of Sivan (see chapter nineteen of Shemot).

    After the first year from the Exodus from Egypt, the date of Shavuot was fixed as the sixth day of Sivan, which is always fifty days after the first day of Pesach.

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