Follow-Up Question


Shalom aleichem Rabbi Lauffer. Thank you for answering my last question. Just as a follow-up question to the answer that Rabbi Lauffer gave, I looked up one of the sources that Rabbi Lauffer provided that was Chut Shani Vol. 2 pg. 47, which I believe is the following תינוק שנשבה שעשה מלאכה בשבת צ״ע אם נאסר להשתמש בזה, והנידון בזה האם דינו כשוגג, או דינו גרע משוגג ואפשר דלא אסרו חז״ל בכה״ג, וצ״ע If this is indeed the Chut Shani that the article referenced, can Rabbi Lauffer translate that for me, thanks.



  1. This is a “translation” of the meaning behind what is written:
    A “Tinok Shenishba” (someone who was not brought up with a proper Jewish education so that they are conversant with Halacha) that did melacha (forbidden work) on Shabbos, it needs to be investigated whether what they did is forbidden for another Jew to use, the issue is whether they are considered to be an inadvertent sinner or if there is room to be lenient. Which would make it possible that there is no prohibition. The issue requires more investigation.

    Best wishes from the Team