“Ein Banu Ma’asim”


Why do we say “ayn banu maasim” (we have no deeds), when, in actuality, if you are shomer mitzvos, then of course you have deeds. It sounds very christian–if we wake up, put on tefillin, keep the mitzvos, etc, then….we DO have maasim–they may not be up to our potential, but, to say they are nothing???

I dont get it.



  1. In the Chassidic sefarim, it is explained that when a person does Teshuvah, they are like a newborn baby. Just as new born baby has no sins and no merits, so, too, someone who repents is supposed to feel as they are standing in front of Hashem empty of merits and in great need of loving kindness (see Kedushas Levi on Megillas Eicha).

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