Driving After Reciting Kiddush Early


At this time of year, Shabbat starts very late. We want to eat early to have the kids in bed early. But we still want to enjoy non-Shabbat activities up until the published candle lighting time. Does reciting Kiddush usher in the Shabbat for the reciter, thereby rendering non-Shabbat activities forbidden?



  1. One of the ways that a person brings in Shabbat is by reciting Kiddush. If you are reciting Kiddush after the earliest time that Shabbat can be brought in, it means that you have accepted Shabbat and can no longer do anything involving non-Shabbat activities. If you are reciting Kiddush before the earliest time that Shabbat can be brought in, there is a separate problem of reciting Brachot unnecessarily, as the Kiddush is not valid.

    Perhaps the best option is to eat a “Shabbat seudah” with your children without Kiddush and washing your hands for Challah. After the children are asleep and when it comes time for Shabbat to begin, then light Shabbat candles and make Kiddush and wash and eat Challah.

    Best wishes from the AskTheRabbi.org Team