Doctor Says Dressing Modestly is Dangerous for Heart Patient


I have been diagnosed with a heart condition that is aggravated by wearing heavy clothes in a warm environment. My doctor gave me instructions to wear as little clothes as possible when it’s hot. She says dressing the modest way I have been doing for many years is actually detrimental to my health. She has advised me to wear only loose fitting sleeveless tops when it is hot in the summer and short sleeves in spring and fall weather. She said shorts are preferred, but knee-length elastic waist skirts or sundresses are okay too. If I don’t follow this, I could be hospitalized and my life could be on the line. What am I supposed to do if the doctor tells me not to dress modestly?



  1. Firstly, please accept my bracha that you be granted a complete and speedy recovery.

    I do not feel that I have the Halachic “shoulders” to rule for you. I would recommend that you consider speaking with Rav Dovid Cohen the Rabbi of Gvul Ya’avetz in Brooklyn. Rav Cohen is one of the foremost Poskim in America today and he will be able to grasp the many issues surrounding your question. Rav Cohen can be contacted every day at 718-376-7423 between 3-4 pm (except Tuesdays) and 10-11 pm, and he is able to answer all questions.

    Best wishes from the Team