Conversion Conundrum


I think I already know the answer to this questions but I hope in my heart of hearts that’s maybe there is some hope for me. I am a female 33 who converted 16 years ago with a conservative Beit din after having lived and studied Judaism for 4 years. It consisted of an interview with a beit din and a kosher immersion in a kosher mikvah. I am shomer Shabbat, kashrut, negiah, observe Tsnius and tahara hamishpacha. I would like to convert under an orthodox beit din because I would like to be welcomed and recognized in orthodox spaces. but I have a few dilemmas. A. there are no orthodox synagogues in the state where I live. There is a small Chabad in the next city over. B. My husband has no desire to convert but follows all of the above mentioned mitzvot – we have a Jewish household. And C. We can not move within walking distance of an orthodox synagogue because there are none here. Any advice of help would be greatly appreciated!!!



  1. I am inspired by your desire to convert through an Orthodox Bet Din. However, as you write, the obstacles seem to be somewhat daunting. One of the basic requirements that an Orthodox Bet Din will make is that you move to an area that has a proper infrastructure for Orthodox life. Personally, I would recommend that you speak with the Rabbi of the Chabad community closest to you and see what he suggests. If that is not terribly productive, I would suggest you try speaking with the Rabbi of a large Orthodox community that is (relatively) close to you to see if he can come up with any possible solutions.

    Best wishes from the Team