Can’t Forgive God


Dear Rabbi , thanks for giving us some of your time .. I just Can’t forgive God …some times i do feel hatered towards him …i can’t just stop believing that the story he invented was all bulls***t … Why did he gave permission for a pig like human to kill the other one ! Just why ! Tell me why ! Just why some where poor others are not ! I know thats its a matter of politics and some goverments are not looking for their peolpe ..but why he gave permission for a man and a woman who are just playing and having fun in sex to give birth ? Do they deserve it ? Why did he gave bad poeple money ? Do they deserve it ? Just why he allowed from the very begining of the human kind that a man killed his brother from his mother and father

Why did he just allowed that ..why didnt he end this story in a way or another …where is his wisdom after all .. Dear Rabbi … Im feeling giulty but in the same time i think i have the right justto tell God that he must have thought carefully before he could invent all this unlogical mess … As if the humanity and mankind are drunk with a flask of badmess not wine ..In judism perspective i giulty thinking that way ? Is it forbidden to say that God had made a lot of mistakes since its a great sin in islam ? Does this kind of thinkingatch in a way or another in judism ?



  1. While I understand why you are asking your question, I am not sure there is any clear answer. Asking why Hashem created the world in the way that He did is a somewhat futile exercise. It is not possible for us to understand the Ways of Hashem. And while it is true that certain things seem to be unfair from our perspective, not only are they not unfair in the eyes of Hashem, but they are a vital component of His creation.

    Why does it have to be like that? I hate to sound trite, but the only answer that is understandable to human beings is that this is the way that Hashem wants it to be. However, one thing is absolutely certain: every single action here in this physical world will need to be accounted for in the Heavenly Courts, and nothing will be overlooked or ignored.

    Best wishes from the Team