Cafeteria Serving Dairy and Meat


In the city I am visiting, there is a kosher cafeteria that is the only place in the area to get readymade kosher meals. They have dairy, meat, and pareve foods that are made with separate equipment and labeled accordingly. They have tables where one can eat the foods purchased there and disposable cutlery to eat it with. I have observed irreligious Jews (and non-Jews) eating both dairy and meat simultaneously (e.g. a slice of pizza and a hamburger). I told the mashgiach my concerns, and he says he vouches for what goes on in the kitchen, but does not certify the tables, and I have to use my judgement with my comfort level with the tables. Are such tables treif to eat off of?



  1. If the tables are clean, it sounds as if there is no problem with eating at the tables. However, as a precaution, I would suggest that you not put any food directly on the table. Even if the food is served on a tray, it would presumably have the same problem of the trays being used for both meat and milk. To me it sounds as if the simplest answer is to put disposable napkins on the surface of whatever you are eating from.

    Best wishes from the Team