Birth After Conversion



I am sure you have been asked this question time and time again. I am hoping to receive the answer I am looking for.

My grandmother met a Jewish man. My grandmother then converted to Judaism prior to getting married. My mother was then conceived and born. She went to Hebrew school and practiced Jewish traditions.

I am looking for G-d. I have been reading about Judaism and would like to know. Am I Jewish? Would I be accepted by the Jewish community if my grandmother was a convert?

Thank you for your time.



  1. In Judaism, a child is Jewish if their mother is Jewish. That includes a person who converted and then gave birth afterwards – her child is one hundred per cent Jewish.

    Therefore, if your grandmother’s conversion was performed under the auspices of a recognized Orthodox Bet Din (Court of Jewish Law) and there is proof of her conversion (either in the archives of the Bet Din or the original certificate still exists), then your mother is Jewish and so are you.

    However, if the Bet Din was not a recognized Orthodox Bet Din and/or there is no tangible proof of her conversion, then I would suggest that you speak with a local Orthodox Rabbi as to what options you may have.

    Best wishes from the Team