Asher Yatzar at Night


To make it easier for me to sleep, when I wake up during the night and feel the need to use the bathroom, which happens several times a night, I don’t get out of bed, and I urinate in a bottle I keep by my bedside. But I don’t have access to any way to wash my hands and there is no practical way to have handwashing water by my bedside. Do I still recite Asher Yatzar if I don’t wash my hands?



  1. According to the Halachah, the correct thing to is to wash your hands as you do for Negel Vasser in the morning and then recite Asher Yatzar without reciting Al Netillat Yadayim – see Orach Chaim 4:1-3. I would assume that this would entail getting up and going to the bathroom. If you cannot do so, you should not recite the Brachah after you finish.

    Best wishes from the Team