Alleviating Pain in Childbirth


Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden and G-d declared henceforth women will have pain in childbirth. How can doctors then give anesthesia to women when they deliver?



  1. Being an anesthesiologist for administering epidurals is no different from any other field of medicine. In fact, not only is it permissible to administer an epidural, it is an obligation for a qualified person to do so. It is actually a great Mitzvah to alleviate the pain of a patient, for which you are accruing great reward in the Spiritual Realms for doing.

    Why is that? Because there is no “requirement” for a woman to suffer during childbirth. Rather, Hashem is stating that due to the sin of eating from the Tree of Knowledge giving birth would be a painful experience from now on. The fact that an epidural relieves the pain does not negate the fact that childbirth is extremely painful. If not during the actual birth, then before the epidural is administered and after it wears off. It simply helps the mother get through the experience in the least painful way possible.

    May you be blessed in all of your holy endeavors.

    Best wishes from the Team