A More Beautiful Mitzvah


Hi Rabbi,

Is a mitzvah, a mitzvah or are there “quality levels” of a mitzvah? For example, does it make a difference whether I use a glass cup for Kiddush or if I use silver? I can afford it but wonder what the difference would be, if any.




  1. The answer is found in the teachings of our Rabbis from some two thousand years ago. “Beautify the mitzvahs.” For example, this would mean to buy a beautiful mezuzah and to buy a beautiful cup for Kiddush – such as a silver cup. Beautifying the mitzvah would also include buying a better quality grape juice or wine, providing the people drinking it enjoy it more. Likewise, a more beautiful mezuzah would include a mezuzah parchment written by a scribe with more beautiful writing, as well as better quality parchment and a more aesthetic writing ability.

    The underlying reason for doing a mitzvah in a more beautiful way is a mitzvah reflects on our relationship with God, the Giver of the Torah and mitzvahs. The more that a person puts into doing a mitzvah – including a reasonable extra cost to upgrade it – shows the person’s love for the mitzvah and its Giver.

    In summary, being generous when fulfilling a mitzvah is a way to “glorify God” by showing a great desire to have a close and loving relationship with Him. Therefore, a silver Kiddush cup is a truly wonderful idea. In fact, it is a universal custom to use a silver cup with artistic engraving for Kiddush to beautify the mitzvah.

    Best wishes from the AskTheRabbi.org Team