Whose Savior?


Dear Rabbi, I am a Christian and a former school teacher. I attend Grace Baptist Church in Virden, Il. During my 35 years of teaching one student really stood out as the most respectful, honest, hard working and kind person ! I talked with this boy one time about religion and he responded that Jesus was a very good person but not the son of God or our savior ! At my church I brought this response up and several of my friends stated that this boy will go to hell unless he acknowledges that Jesus is our savior ! I find this hard to believe even if it does state in the Bible that to be saved one has to believe that Jesus is the son of God and our savior ! I do not believe this Jewish boy will go to hell ! If I had of been brought up Jewish by my parents I would probably believe the same as he and had this boy been brought up by my parents he would think as I do that Jesus is the son of God and our savior ! All of this is very confusing but I think we all can go to heaven ! Your thoughts please ?



  1. I actually find it incomprehensible why other religions insist that only their belief system is correct and that anyone who does not accept their theology is damned for eternity. It is an illogical and actually extremely offensive claim that does not stand up to scrutiny. Why would a person who is not a Christian be expected to embrace Jesus as the savior? How does that make any sense at all? Does Christianity really not accept that there might be other approaches to serving God? Approaches that are entirely acceptable for anyone who is not a Christian? Judaism does not make such a bombastic claim. More than that, any religion making such a statement is obviously so insecure in its own beliefs that it needs to threaten and frighten others with the claim that only they have the “key” to the World to Come.

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