Where is God?


Hello dear rabbi , Greetings to you .. i’m just wondering why Hashem created or allowed bad things to happen ! Doesn’t he have power to stop it …or is he not feeling the pain we are into it?



  1. Your question is one that the greatest minds in Judaism have grappled with. The answers are complex and do not lend themselves to email easily. Subsequently, I would recommend that you try the following books: 
    Rambam, Guide to the Perplexed 1:2 
    David Fohrman, The Beast That Crouches at the Door 
    Benjamin Blech, If God is So Good Why is the World So Bad? 
    Lisa Aiken, Why Me? Why Anyone? 
    Aryeh Kaplan, If You Were God

    Best wishes from the AskTheRabbi.org Team