Stones on Grave/Different Dishes for Food (two questions)



I was wondering about what is the custom for putting a stone on a gravestone.

And also about the custom of using one set of dishes for milk and another one for meat. Is that a religious or hygienic reason?




  1. 1) A number of reasons are offered for this practice in the sources. One is that it is a sign that the grave has been visited, which gives comfort to both the visitor and the one who is visited. Another reason is that it helps the grave stay sealed and safe form human and animal intruders.

    2) It is a religious reason, since we are taught to eat daily and meat foods separately. Using the same plates would lead to a strong possibility of eating milk and meat (or their derivatives) together. Also, food “tastes” are sometimes absorbed in the eating utensils and using the same ones for both could lead to a forbidden mixing of milk and meat.

    Best wishes from the Team