Hi, from where in the Torah or oral Torah we find that we have to live with the time? And slavery is no longer allowed regardless if it is a Jewish slave or not. Thanks, Jonathan.



  1. It is certainly a pertinent question. Rabbi S. R. Hirsch, One of the greatest Jewish philosophers and educators from a few generations ago, explains in his commentary on the Torah, Exodus 12:44, that a Jew cannot turn another human being into a slave. Rather, it is permissible for a Jew to buy a slave only if he is recognized as a slave according to international laws. Rabbi Hirsch further writes that the only hope that a slave has is to be bought by a Jew, as slaves are completely vulnerable to the powers of those who own them. It is only in a Jewish home that ownership of a non-Jewish slave is governed by Laws of the Torah, and that a non-Jewish slave can find sanctuary.

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