Significance of a Dream



my grandmothers third Yartzeit was on Lamed Sivan, last week Monday. On that Thursday night, i had a dream in which i was walking into my living room, I see her sitting on the couch smiling and i got to hug her before the dream ended. The powerful thing for me is that in my dream, the hug felt very physical and i remember both the physical and emotional feelings i had in that moment. I wish i could remember what she said if she said anything, but she most likely said something like ‘I love you’ And ‘I’m ok’. I also know she was definitely not wearing dark clothing, I believe it was bright and colorful. But during that dream and when i woke up, i felt a feeling of comfort having been shown that she is ok and that she has made the effort to come to me.
I’d like to add that I’ve been having a tougher time this month with my grief, because of some accomplishments and celebrations held that she wasn’t there for. I guess i want to know the extent of the significance these types of dreams hold and if i can take it to mean something, especially since it was the same week as her yartzeit and i haven’t dreamt about her (at least not that i can remember and definitely not with physical feelings attached) since the year of her passing. I’ve also heard stories from my parents about their own dreams with their deceased loved ones and similar things. I know that the Torah talks about dream interpreting and stuff, but i also don’t think every dream has a significance, but i want to know how to tell the difference.

Thank you so much.



  1. What a beautiful dream. I am sure that it was the source of much comfort to you, especially as you have been missing your grandmother so much over the last while. Fascinatingly enough, many people say that as the year of mourning comes to an end, they are the recipients of dreams where the departed loved one appears to them. I cannot tell you for sure, but I would like to think that your grandmother was aware of your pain at her not being a part of your accomplishments, and she came to let you know that she is with you – just not physically.

    In general, the Rabbis teach that we tend to dream at night about what we think about during the day. That is why the Rabbis tend not to put too much emphasis on dream interpretations. However, there are always occasions when the dreams are not just due to what a person was thinking about – and that the message of the dream is real.

    Best wishes from the Team