Pets and the Afterlife


This probably sounds like a silly question, but I’ve been wanting to understand for a long time. Does Judaism believe that pets, such as dogs, go to some form of heaven? I’ve heard conflicting views from different sources, but I just can’t understand how dogs, the epitome of innocence and kindness in this world, could be prevented from getting any sort of enjoyment once they pass away. Same thing with dog owners not being allowed to spend their afterlife reunited with their dog, who might’ve been one of the main sources of true joy during this life. I understand that a lot of things animals do is mainly instinct, but I feel that dogs display real emotions and acts of heroism and kindness. Is this what the Torah says? Can I believe that once my dog passes on, I may be reunited with him when I pass on?


Thank you so much



  1. No, it is not a silly question at all. According to Jewish tradition, in the afterlife there are no animals. The afterlife is a place for human souls. In fact, in Kabbalistic works, it is sometimes called the “World of Souls.” As animals do not have the type of soul as humans do, they are not able to access the spiritual ‘World of Souls.’

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