Near Death Experiences


How does Judaism explain near death experiences where people who died and were resuscitated have an out of body experience? If Judaism is the true religion then why do people from other religions see or hear things about their religion during an NDE? For example Christians who have NDE often report seeing or hearing yoshko during an NDE whereas Chabad Jews often report seeing the Rebbe during an NDE. Also why do Jews and non Jews alike experience similar NDE for example seeing a bright light at the end of a tunnel , seeing memories of their entire life, seeing deceased relatives etc?



  1. I am not quite sure what to answer you, as I have little experience with such things. However, I do not see why it would be strange if people who believe in other religions were to see religious figures that are only applicable to their religion. I, personally, believe that what a person sees during such episodes is somewhat influenced by their thinking and beliefs, which would explain the differences that that exist in like-minded people who have such experiences.

    Best wishes from the Team