i understand that when moshiach will arrive it will be the fruition of dir betachtonim but i wondering what will be the point of the jewish people then? or what will be the point of torah and mitzvot after the arrival of moshiach? once it is accomplished what we need to accomplish then that’s it?

if it would be possible please include sources in your answer.



  1. When the Moshiach reveals his identity to the world – may it be very, very soon – the whole world will recognize Hashem, and the non-Jewish nations will accept the Jews as the ambassadors of Hashem in His world. This means that there will be a symbiotic relationship between the Jewish Nation and the non-Jewish nations. We, the Jews, will supply all of the spiritual needs to the non-Jewish nations, and they, in turn, will supply our physical needs. In effect, it will be similar to how the relationship was supposed to have be between Yaakov and Eisav, if Eisav would have been a Tzadik.

    What will be the point of such an existence? Because it will be the ultimate culmination of the reason for the world’s creation – that the entirety of mankind serve Hashem. Why does it have to be like that? That is a question that only Hashem can answer. However, I heard an interesting idea once that it is similar to taking a dose of anti-biotics. After a few days the person feels fine. But they have to complete the dosage that was proscribed to them otherwise they will relapse. So, too, Yemos haMoshiach, even though it seems that the final rectification has taken place and whatever we are doing is unnecessary, in Hashem’s Master Plan that is not so. We must continue to live in this world and to fulfill His Will. It is only after we have done that the need for the “spiritual anti-biotics” is finally finished.

    Best wishes from the Team