Miracles – three questions


Dear Rabbi,

1) What is the status of miracles in Judaism?

2) Have the Rabbis and Sages talked about miracles? (with reference please)

3) Should every prophet have a miracle associated with them?



  1. 1) Judaism very much believes in miracles. In fact, the Bible is full of miraculous occurrences.

    2) The Talmud and the Midrashic Texts mention the miracles that took place through the Bible constantly and explain them. As well as that, the Talmud sometimes describes miracles that took place to individuals after the Bible period. What is true is that the Rabbis teach us that miracles do not have to be things that change the natural dimension of something – a miracle can be something natural happening at just the right time. In fact the Rabbis teach that there is nothing “natural” about nature and that it is as miraculous as things that we look as obviously being miracles.

    3) No, there is no obligation for a Prophet to have a miracle happen to them, or through them (other than having God “speak” to them).

    Best wishes from the AskTheRabbi.org Team