Living Effectively: Iyov 38:33 –


Iyowb 38:33 Know thou the ordinances of heaven? can thou set {Shin Vav Mem suwn verb ordain establish fix constitute appoint} the dominion {Mem Shin Tet Resh mishtar jurisdiction rule authority} in earth? Secretly tucked in dominion Mem Shin Tet Resh are these words Shin Tet Mem satam verb to hate , oppose, bear a grudge , cherish animosity Shin Tet set departure from right deeds that swerve , rebellion, revolter , that turn aside Resh Tet Shin ratash verb dash down, dash in pieces Shin Resh Tet sarat verb cut,to incise, to gash, to scratch, to tattoo Shin Tet Resh shoter scribe, official, overseer ,ruler,magistrate Shin Mem Resh shimmur night watch vigil observance Shin Mem Resh shemer something preserved , lees, dregs Shin Mem Resh verb shaman to hedge about, guard, protect,treasure, keep in memory Resh Mem Shin ramas verb creep,crawl, move lightly, glide swiftly,swarm, glide of water animals All these words connect and reveal something greater is at play. Hatred {satam Shin Tet Mem} and sin {set Shin Tet } are prevailing principalities in people of earth. Clearly earth isn’t meant to be a permanent habitat. So what is the process to prepare us for our eternal home?



  1. There is only one way that a Jew can prepare his abode in the Heavenly Spheres, and that is by keeping God’s Torah. It means living a life according to the commandments and being aware that there is more to our existence than this physical world. A person who does that is building their portion in the World to Come. In order to be able to build effectively, one needs to study the Torah – both the Written Torah and the Oral Torah – to be able to apply the Torah’s teachings to daily life.

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