Jewish Response to Atheism


I was curious rabbis, how does Judaism respond to people who are atheists because of insufficient evidence for god other than referring back to the Torah. Since atheists don’t believe there is a god to begin with, how do I try to convince them of his existence other than the Torah?



  1. Really, the only proper way to counter atheism and atheistic Jews is by teaching them Torah. But that is probably not something that they would be open to. If they are not prepared to study Jewish sources, I would suggest that they read the following two books:
    The Devil’s Delusion: Atheism and Its Scientific Pretensions by David Berlinski published by Basic Books
    The Confused World of Modern Atheism by Rabbi Moshe Averick published by Mosaica Press

    Both of them are written in an engaging style, but they are academically incisive and their intellectual sharpness is undeniable.

    Best wishes from the Team