Destruction of the Earth?


I am confused as to what exactly G-d promised after the flood– Did G-d promise never to destroy the Earth at all? Or only with water?

Because we are awfully close to WW3 (i.e. “nuclear” “war” with Russia and China). and as we all know Russia is Iran’s main sponsor. so many (both Jews and Gentiles alike) are predicting that the end will occur as a result of defending Israel against Iran. Personally i am for eliminating the Iranian threat –permanently — but i am afraid of Russia’s response (which –given it’s interest in securing the world’s oil supplies for China–i would expect to be nuclear. (I mean –isn’t there a Moshiach in the house?……..anywhere? )

Nu, so tell me B’vaka-sha.

Thank you and Shalom (:



  1. God promised that He would never again destroy the earth with another flood.

    However, I do not think that anyone needs to fear a nuclear war. There is one way that the world will come to an end: if God decrees that it be so. Without God decreeing such a thing, there is absolutely no chance that it will happen.

    What is true is that we need to remain attached to God spiritually and physically to be able to ensure that such a decree never occurs, which requires our living our lives according to His Torah.

    Best wishes from the Team