Awake, Awake O Holy Jerusalem


Shalom Rabbi.

Isaiah 52:1 says: “Awake, awake; put on thy strength, O Tzion; put on thy beautiful garments, O Yerushalaim, the “holy” city: for henceforth there shall “no” more “come” into thee the ” uncircumcised ” and the “unclean.”

This scriptural verse doesn’t describe the ” earthly” Jerusalem visited by millions of tourists every year. Today’s Jerusalem is indulgent, lenient and compliant. This is a far cry from the term “holy” city. It is home to many “unchaste,” “unclean,” “uncircumcised ” inhabitants. So why does the world believe that is the “holy” haven of Hashem? This is the ultimate conundrum.

Rabbi, is it possible that Tzion is a “Spiritual” city? Erected of even “spiritual stones,” sanctified sons and daughters, consecrated tabernacles, reflecting Hashem’s “glory”?

Respectfully, Yishrah



  1. Tzion has a few interpretations, depending on the context of the verse it appears in.

    It can be a reference to Jerusalem and it can also be a reference to the Spiritual Jerusalem that exists in the Spiritual Realms.

    What is indisputable is that Jerusalem is the Holy city – the location that God chose to build His Holy Temple. Regardless of how it is defiled by those who have conquered it and those who inhabit it, it remains above all else “The Holy City.”

    Our Sages teach that the Divine Presence never leaves Jerusalem, and that Jerusalem is inherently holy. Of course, this means that while its inherent holiness cannot be removed, the Holy City also cannot countenance too much profane and unholy behavior until those living there are sent off into exile.

    Best wishes from the Team