Yotzrot, Zolot Golah, Korovot, Selak


I found the following terms in old German prayer books for sections of the morning service for the holidays.

Yotzrot, Zolot Golah, Korovot, Selak.

Please provide explanation of these different parts of the service.
Are these terms used in current prayer books?

2 years


  1. Your question has been staring at me balefully for the last few days! I really do not recognize any of the terms except for the first one. Yotzrot are additional prayers that are recited in some communities (especially communities that originated in Germany) on the four special Shabbatot that begin on the Shabbat before the month of Adar and end with the Shabbat before the month of Nissan. But, as for the rest of the terms, I do not recognize them…at all!

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  2. I did some more research. My transliterations were not too good.
    Here are the Hebrew letters.

    on Pesach Day 1

    on Pesach Day 2

    I also found the following the link. That may be the answer to my question.

    I did notice that in some of these prayers, the starting letters of the verses
    go from aleph thru tav.

  3. I still don;t know what they are! I looked at a few Machzorim for Pesach but I could not find anything remotely similar however, it is possible that each community had their own Yotzrot and, seeing as I do not own a Machzor with the text of the Yekkes, that might explain why I can’t find it.

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