Yirimayhu 22:29


Yeremiah 22:29 Earth,earth,earth, hear the word of YHVH [ Shin~Mem~Ayin spells shama verb meaning obey,yield to, consider,consent,be content, grant request] Whenever Yah repeats words in a passage, is there added significance? Is He perhaps pleading with His people before dispensing judgment?



  1. The correct translation of the Hebrew word is Land and not earth. There are two approaches among the commentaries as to why the word is repeated three times. One idea is that Yirimayhu is addressing the land itself, “O land that is the worthiest land of all the lands”. Another approach is that Yirimayhu is addressing the three parts of the Land of Israel – Yehudah, the Galil and the other side of the Jordan river.

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