Yeshayahu 55:5


Yeshayahu 55:5

A) Is this verse talking about Mashiach, or to/about Israel?
B) What nation could possibly he/we not know?
C) I interpret the ‘nation’ mentioned in this verse to be Israel; the Mashiach did not/will not know of Jews, and Am Israel did not/would not know him… as the Moshiach is/will come from the other nations.

If you think about it, what better way to usher in unity between the Nations and Israel?

Is this a possible interpretation?

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  1. A) It is a direct continuation from the previous verses and they relate to what will be after the war of Gog and Magog. According to some commentaries the verses are speaking about the other nations of the world and the fact that they will recognize the Hashem as being the Sole Ruler of the entire world. Others are of the opinion that the verses are addressed to Klal Yisrael – that we can bring about the Messianic Era through our actions without having to wait for the last time that Hashem has set aside.

    B) The Radak explains that the nation is one that is very far away from the Land of Israel. After they are called to come to the Land of Israel they will be overwhelmed when they hear about everything that Hashem did for the Jewish Nation.

    C) I have never heard of such an idea before and I do not see anything similar in the classic commentaries.

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