Words in Hebrew?



I think the following words Im to inquire about are Hebrew so I dont know how to spell them. I’ve tried doing my own research but am not sure the results Im getting are accurate. I dont know anything about the culture or language. I would really appreciate your help.

Does anything like (phonetically speaking) hahlah, hehlem, hadonai mean or signify anything?

Also the same for the words masidi, jele, jem?

Thank you for your time.


10 months


  1. It is somewhat difficult to know for sure because the pronunciation is always critical. To compound the problem there are letters in Hebrew that do not have an equivalent sounding letter in English – for example the letter “chet” in Hebrew has a guttural sound to it that does not exist in English. In all events, the only word that might be Hebrew is “hadoani” – perhaps referring to God. None of the other words are familiar.

    Best wishes from the AskTheRabbi.org Team