Women Blowing Shofar for Others


Does a man who hears a woman blow shofar fulfill his obligation? Or is it considered equal to totally neglecting the mitzvah?

2 years


  1. The obligation for men to blow/hear the Shofar is Biblical. Because the Mitzvah of blowing the Shofar is a Time-Bound Positive Mitzvah, women are exempt from the Biblical obligation.

    Does that mean that women do not have to hear the Shofar? No, it does not. Even though women are technically exempt, nevertheless, women accepted upon themselves to hear the Shofar and they have an obligation to do so.

    Therefore, because the obligations are not the same for men and women, that means that a woman can fulfill the obligation for other women to hear the Shofar, but a woman cannot fulfill the obligation for men by blowing the Shofar for them.

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