Why? – The Tragedy in Meron


Dear Rabbi: Any words of wisdom on last week’s tragedy in Meron? I am having such a hard time processing it. Like, how could such a tragedy happen on the day when so many people stopped dying? The first thought that went through my mind was, “God, You gave us coronavirus and we weren’t together all last year. This year, the rabbis who are Your messengers, said it’s okay to be together, and this happens?” I just feel numb and I know the Jews are resilient people and we will make it through this, but I am having a hard time processing it now…

Thanks and Good Shabbos.



  1. No. No words of wisdom. In truth, no words at all. God’s ways are normally very difficult to comprehend. And too many times in our own personal lives and in our national history, God’s ways are not just difficult to understand — they are completely unfathomable. As is the situation now.

    Can anyone say that they know why it happened? No one knows with any degree of certainty. No one can. That knowledge would require prophetic powers, which no one possesses nowadays.

    If you listen carefully to our spiritual leaders, they will not make definitive pronouncements about why it happened. Rather, they will focus on what they feel that we should try to improve on — both in our personal lives and in our communal lives. And those are the voices that we need to listen to. To try to become better than we were. To become more empathetic and caring about all those around us. To recognize that this beautiful tapestry we belong to — the Jewish nation — needs every single member. And that we all need to care for every single person.

    Will that remove the immeasurable pain and anguish that each family is feeling right now? No, it will not. That requires God’s help. But it will grant us, the Jewish People, the ability to draw strength from this indescribable tragedy and to unite in our desire to remove any more pain and suffering from the world.

    May we merit sharing only joyous tidings together.

    Best wishes from the AskTheRabbi.org Team