Why No “Kah Keli” on Simchas Torah


We don’t we recite Kah Keili on Simchas Torah?



  1. I am sending you a copy of the answer that was sent out a few days ago as I assume that you never received it or saw it:

    Although there is a custom to recite Kah Keli on Yom Tov it is not said on any day that Yizkor is recited. That is why we do not say it on Shemini Atzeret. However, the question then is: Why is it not said on Simchas Torah? I am not quite sure and I do not have a source for what I am about to write, but technically the last day of Sukkot is Shemini Atzeret – not Simchas Torah – which would make Shemini Atzeret the appropriate day to recite Kah Keli. However, because Yizkor is recited it is not said.

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