Whose Blood Is Redder?


i think i will be judged for this question, but if a person is forced to kill another person or himself, is he allowed to kill himself? which is worse, choice a or b ?

2 years


  1. I cannot think of any reason why anyone would judge you for asking such a question.

    What a choice!

    The basic answer in a case of taking another’s life or be killed, is that killing another person is a crime and transgression for which must forfeit one’s own life and not take the innocent life of another.
    As our Sages teach: Who says that your blood is redder (more important) than his? Perhaps his is redder than yours? This means that a life is a life, and a person cannot just choose to take an innocent life to save his own.

    However, in the case you pose, the choice will certainly result in taking a life – and the above argument does not appear to be valid.
    I am including a link to a question similar to yours, with a well-written answer:

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