Who is a Kohen?


How are Priests selected among the descendants of Aaron for a synagouge?

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  1. They are not “chosen.” All such descendants are Kohanim *Priests” and have a special role in the Synagogue services.

    Every son of a Kohen is a Kohen, with the sanctity of a Kohen (unless their is an unusual reason, caused by in improper marriage of his parents). Each one has a clear knowledge from his father and family that his status is that of a Kohen. Such a person acts as a Kohen in the Synagogue to receive the first aliyah to be called up to the Torah, and to bless the congregation with the “triple blessing” when required by Jewish law and custom.

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  2. But how the high prists (kohen gadol) were chosen among those prists(kohens)?Please tell me