Who and Where is God?


Who is God and where is He?

11 months


  1. In basic terms God is everything. He is everywhere and He is all Mighty. The Sages teach that it is a mistake to imagine that God exists here in our world. Rather, we exist within His world. There is a beautiful little story that can help us clarify our relationship with God. Rabbi Simcha Bunim from Peshischa, one of the great Chassidic Rabbis, once asked the Rabbi of Kotzk when he was a young boy, “Where is God?”

    The Rabbi of Kotzk answered, “He is everywhere.”

    Rabbi Simcha Bunim then asked him again “Where is God?”

    So the Rabbi of Kotzk answered, “His Glory fills the world!”

    When Rabbi Simcha Bunim asked the same question yet again the Rabbi of Kotzk said to him, “If my answers aren’t correct then please tell me what the right answer is.”

    Rabbi Simcha Bunim answered, “God is present wherever He is permitted entry!”

    Having said the above, I feel it important to add that we can only “know” God as much as has been revealed to us through the Torah which we received at Mount Sinai. The Torah is – so to speak – “God’s mind” and the manner in which God spoke to us then and continues to speak with us today.

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